Incompressible Flows

Responsible: Jens Lang

Cooperation: G. Lube, University of Göttingen
Literature: J. Lang, Adaptive Incompressible Flow Computations with Linearly Implicit Time Discretization and Stabilized Finite Elements, in: K.D. Papailiou, D. Tsahalis, J. Periaux, C. Hirsch, M. Pandolfi (eds.), Computational Fluid Dynamics '98, 200-204 (John Wiley & Sons, New York 1998).

The aim of this project is to extend the KARDOS-software to incompressible flow problems. A Galerkin/least-squares method is applied in space to prevent numerical instabilities forced by advection-dominated terms. First results obtained for various benchmark problems are very promising, showing that the adaptive algorithm implemented in KARDOS can also be a useful means to handle CFD problems.

Thermo-Convective Poiseuille Flow

Evolution of Temperature
Evolution of Temperature at Centre Point

Laminar Flow Around a Cylinder

Initial and Adapted Spatial Grid

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