Pattern Formation

Responsible: Jens Lang, Bodo Erdmann

Patterns occur in nature at very different scales, which explains the great scientific interest in new pattern formation phenomenon. In this application, we simply collect numerical studies recently done to test our adaptive code.


Gray-Scott Model: Spot-Replication

gray_t0_u2_color.gif gray_t50_u2_color.gif gray_t100_u2_color.gif gray_t150_u2_color.gif gray_t350_u2_color.gif gray_t550_u2_color.gif
Spot-Replication: Concentration of Second Component
at t=0, 50, 100, 150, 350, 550
grid_t0.gif grid_t50.gif grid_t100.gif grid_t150.gif grid_t350.gif grid_t550.gif
Spot-Replication: FE Meshes at t=0, 50, 100, 150, 350, 550

Complex patterns in a simple system

Animal Coat Markings

animal_grid.gif animal_sol1.gif animal_sol2.gif animal_sol3.gif animal_sol4.gif animal_sol5.gif

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