Assigment Problems of Several Kinds

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  Chromosone Karyotyping An instance of an assignment problem arising in chromosone karyotyping, contributed by A. Hefner, Lehrstuhl für Wirtschaftsinformatik, Universität Passau, see also M. Tso, P. Kleinschmidt, I. Mitterreiter, J. Graham: An Efficient Transportation Algorithm for Automatic Chromosone Karyotyping, Pattern Recognition Letters 12 (1991)
  Netgen-Flow Assignment problem instances generated as minimum cost flow networks by use of the NETGEN program (by A. Löbel, ZIB), see D. Klingman, A. Napier, and J. Stutz: NETGEN: A program for generating large scale capacitated assignment, transportation, and minimum cost flow networks, Management Science 20 (1974),814-820.
NETGEN C source code is also available.
  OR-Library Information on assignment problem instances provided by OR-Library of Imperial College, London, maintained by J.E. Beasley.
  QAPLIB Link to QAPLIB, a library of quadratic assignment problems by R.E. Burkard, S. Karisch, F. Rendl.
  Qapgen Two FORTRAN programs (source file) for generating quadratic assignment problem instances by Y. Li & P.N. Pardalos, from the COAP software library, for more information see article Generating quadratic assignment test problems with known optimal permutations by the authors in the journal Computational Optimization and Application 1 (1992).
  Spin Glass Dynamics Assignment problem arising in dynamics of spin glass, contribution by A. Hefner, Lehrstuhl für Wirtschaftsinformatik, Universität Passau, see also T. Pfenning, H. Rieger, M. Schreckenberg: Numerical investigation of the asymmetric SK-model with deterministic dynamics, J. Phys. I 1 (1991), and G. A. Kohring, M. Schreckenberg: Numerical studies of the spin-flip dynamics in the SK-model, J. Phys. I France 1 (1991).
  FAP Frequency Assignment Problems (FAPs) in wireless communication networks (Web page with access to test problems) by A. Eisenblätter and A. Koster.
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