Source Codes for Problem Instance Generators

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Some popular problem instance generating programs are available here as C resp. FORTRAN source codes. The generators for network, assignment and matching problem instances were collected and are also provided by the Center for Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science (DIMACS). More information on a programs is usually available in its source file by way of comments or in a readme file supplied separately.
  assign.c Assignment problem instance generator by C. McGeoch
  blpgen.for Generator for instances of a disjointly constrained bilinear programming problem by L.N. Vicente, P.H. Calami, J.J. Judice
  dcube.c Geometric matching problem instance generator by C.  McGeoch
  genrmf Random frames flow network generator by C. Badics
  gridgen Grid-plus-Supernode network generator by V. Lee and J. Orlin
  grid-on-torus Capacitated transportation network generator by A. Goldberg
  mesh Network generator for the minimum cost flow problem by A. Goldberg
  netgen Network generator for assignment, transportation, and minimum cost flow problems (N. Schlenker)
  tr.c Transit grid network generator for the maximum flow problem by G. Waissi and J. Setubal
  washington Generator for ten types of capacitated networks/graphs by R. Andersen et al.
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