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MP-TESTDATA - The MADLIB Steiner-Tree Packing Problems

The Steiner-tree test set consists of integer programming formulations for Steiner-tree packing problems, a problem where in some given graph edge sets (so-called Steiner-trees), each spanning some given subset of the node set, have to be simultaneously packed in the graph under capacity restrictions on the edges. We know for these instances in advance that they have bordered block diagonal from, if we consider the individual Steiner-trees as the blocks and the capacities restrictions as the border. We thus set the number of blocks of the number of Steiner-trees and the capacities to 30 for the g-examples and to 50 for the d-examples.

You can get a gzip'ed tar-file of all Steiner-tree instances.

Name                Rows    Cols    NNEs  blocks  capacity

g353                  81      48     276       3        30 
g444                 114      39     253       4        30 
d677                 324     183     984       7        50 
d688                 383     230    1350       8        50 

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