MADLIB - A LIBrary of MAtrix Decomposition Problems

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Ralf Borndörfer, Carlos E. Ferreira, Alexander Martin
Version 1.1 (March 24, 1997)


    Figure: Decomposing a matrix into bordered block diagonal form
MADLIB is a collection of instances of the problem to decompose a matrix row-wise into a given number of blocks (sets of rows) of a given capacity (maximum block-size) which arises in Linear and Integer Programming, see Borndörfer, Ferreira, and Martin (1997b)  [2], Duff, Erisman, and Reid (1986)  [4] or Kumar, Grama, Gupta, and Karypis (1994)  [8], in connection with combinatorial optimization problems like the Steiner-Tree packing problem, see Grötschel, Martin, and Weismantel (1996)  [7], and in Equipartitioning, see Nicoloso and Nobili (1992)  [9]
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