References to other Mathematical Programming Data Collections

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  Analysis of Algorithms Information on the Analysis of Algorithms computer science project of Philippe Flajolet and Helmut Prodinger (home page) which also covers discrete mathematics and combinatorial analysis and is open to contributions.
  Benchmarks Collection of benchmarks for some public domain codes, compiled by Hans D. Mittelmann and P. Spelluci
  COAP Companion codes to arcticles of the journal Computational Optimization and Applications 1992) including some programs for generating test data (for specific problems: qapgen, blpgen)
  CUTE Information on the CUTE package of test data, tools and FORTRAN subroutines for nonlinear optimization and nonlinear equations by I. Bongartz, A.R. Conn, N. Gould, and Ph. Toint
  Glossary Mathematical Programming Glossary (Harvey J. Greenberg)
  INFORMS OR/MS Collection of pointers to Web pages related to all aspects of Operations Research
  Netlib Link to the Netlib repository of University of Tennessee and Oak Ridge National Laboratory, a collection of mathematical software, papers, and databases
  OR-Library Link to Link to OR-Library of Imperial College, London, a collection of test data sets for a variety of Operations Research problems, maintained by J.E. Beasley
  Stochastic Programming Link to Stochastic Programming resources Web page by Shabbir Ahmed
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