Traveling Salesman Problems

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  ATSPTW Instances of the asymmetric traveling salesman problem with time windows, contributed by N. Ascheuer (ZIB).
  SOP Instances of the sequential ordering problem (asymmetric traveling salesman problem with precedence constraints), see N. Ascheuer, M. Jünger, G. Reinelt , A branch & cut algorithm for the asymmetric Hamiltonian path problem with precedence constraints", Preprint SC-97-70, ZIB Berlin 1997, contribution by N. Ascheuer (ZIB).
  TSP Resources Information on resources for solving Traveling Salesman problems including benchmarks, by D. Applegate, R. Bixby, V. Chvatal, and W. Cook.
  TSPLIB Library of Traveling Salesman problem instances, see G. Reinelt, TSPLIB - A Traveling Salesman Problem Library, ORSA Journal on Computing 3 (1991), pp. 376-384.

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