Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problems

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For more information on the Capacitated Vehicle Routing problem see The VRP Web.
  OR-Library Link to collection of Capacitated Vehicle Routing problem instances of various types, provided by OR-Library of Imperial College, London, maintained by J.E. Beasley
  Extended Solomon Link to a large set of instances of the Vehicle Routing problem with time windows compiled by J. Homberger.
  TSPLIB The TSPLIB of test data for the Traveling Salesman problem also contains some simple instances of the Capacitated Vehicle Routing problem, see G.  Reinelt, TSPLIB - A Traveling Salesman Problem Library, ORSA Journal on Computing 3, 1991, pp. 376-384.
  VRPLIB Capacitated Vehicle Routing problem instances from projects of Mathematisches Institut der Universität Köln, contributed by M. Wottawa.
  VRPLIB-DEIS Library of Capacitated Vehicle Routing problem instances of D.E.I.S. Operations Research Group (Università di Bologna), maintained by Daniele Vigo (providing download files in .zip format).

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